New Beginnings

Good Day, and Welcome to The Thistle Field, my little corner of the Internet where I intend to share my musings on life as I see it. I hope for this space serve as a collection of things and ideas that inspire me, from the everyday to the extraordinary.

Although I am late to the blogging party, I have wanted to begin sharing in this way for a long time. A change in life’s everyday pattern and pace has freed me to do this (and other fun things!). I have a significant (and more serious) scholarly writing project on another burner, so this blog is intended to keep the creative juices flowing and encourage me to hit “publish” with greater frequency to avoid burnout on my long-term work.

I plan to write about anything and everything. My interests range far and wide, and include subjects such as: organic gardening / permaculture / sustainability; cooking and preserving; travel; walks in the meadows and woods; history (my career); zero-waste practices; peace; literature and the written word; entertaining and breaking bread; education; nature; frugality; mindfulness; mothering; and children’s interests. (And many more).

I am an historian and a writer, a wife and a mother, a tree-hugger and a positive thinker. I am a gatherer of information, and I love to learn and share. As I learn new things, and experience life I hope to chronicle the proceedings here. I live in a beautiful place, so I will share glimpses of my environment, as well. I invite you to join me on this journey!

With Peace,



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