Winter Aconite


Winter Aconite

One of my favorite harbingers of spring is the delightful little bloom of the winter aconite. This sunny, yellow flower seems almost like an impossibility when it starts to bloom in the cold days of late winter, but it signals the hope of impending spring. We were fortunate to have a mild and easy winter this year, but spring is welcome, nonetheless! (The garden beckons).

My winter aconite came from a naturalized garden where I was fortunate to have access. One day, I saw a tiny clump uprooted, and quickly snapped it up! I planted it along my fence, and let the magic happen. Winter aconite multiplies, so I have been able to introduce it to a few more spots on my property. This year I also dug out a clump to share with my mama: a “pass-along plant,” she said. I’m looking forward to seeing it work its sunny magic at her home too!

Do you have a favorite harbinger of spring?

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