Signs of Spring



Today on our walk, the little ones and I looked for signs of Spring … they are everywhere! We have been noticing the more subtle indicators for several weeks, but today feels like a “real” spring day.

As we explored our neighborhood and our own beloved property (“the thistle field” as we like to call it) we heard and saw great flocks of geese flying in formation high above. The majority of the birds were Canada Geese, but we also saw some straggling Snow Geese on their northward journey. (Last weekend we had the pleasure of hiking with friends at Middle Creek Preserve, where we enjoyed the sight of tens of thousands of Snow Geese. There were so many that they appeared like a sea of white foam bobbing on the water’s surface!).

Emerging clumps of lovely crocus blooms were another highlight of the walk. On our own property we have purple crocus plants, but our neighbors have yellow and white as well. The blooms certainly lift one’s spirits.

There were some surprises, too! A delicate white feather was spotted by sharp little eyes. This treasure quickly made its way into her nature collection, carefully curated on the windowsill. An investigation in the backyard turned up a fallen nest, tidily woven with horsehair from the neighboring equines, and, surprise! : Our hair as well. I hope the birds enjoyed our donations.

Our walk concluded with a stroll around the vegetable garden. We casually tugged at some weeds, unearthed the location of the carrots that had overwintered in the soil, and talked about what we will plant in the coming days. Wake up, Garden! We’re coming for you!

With Peace,




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