Frugal Fun: Zero-Waste Picnic

Today was a gorgeous, amazing day with clear skies, balmy temperatures, and a gentle breeze. When I picked up Miss Thistle from school, I had a little surprise for her … we were going on a picnic! I had planned for us to attend a free program in the afternoon that I hoped would expand Miss Thistle’s worldview and understanding of life in developing nations, so I figured we would couple that experience with some time communing in nature. I sought out a local, new-to-us community park and packed up some zero-waste grub.

It was important to me that our picnic would not generate waste. To start, I filled our reusable, glass water bottles. I carry these sturdy bottles with me whenever I venture out, and cannot say enough good things about them! I then packed some of our food in  mason jars, which are my go-to staple for transporting food while out and about. Mason jars don’t break easily, and the lids screw on securely. Perfect for picnics!

Today’s jars held roasted cashews, sprouted barley crackers with rosemary, raisins, and some cut veggies. (I also threw in a little jar of chocolates!) In addition, I packed bananas and clementines, which are perfect for travel because they come in their own compostable “packaging.” I rounded out the meal with strawberries, cheese, and granola.

Miss Thistle was thrilled with our impromptu picnic, and after we finished eating, she explored some rocky deposits and “climbed” a few trees. She was excited to find some broken nutshells in the crook of a tree, and brought them down to show to Little Thistle. She told him all about squirrels, and how they eat. Little Thistle gurgled attentively and gave enough appropriate smiles to encourage his little teacher!

After our picnic and our program, we brought the fruit peels home and composted them. Nothing was wasted, and we had a fun, frugal, and educational afternoon!

Do you enjoy eating outdoors? What are your favorite foods to bring on a picnic?

With Peace,




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