Longwood Gardens: Spring Tulips

Last week the Little Thistles and I headed to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania to check out the beautiful spring tulip displays before the tulip season drew to a close. We are members at Longwood, which enables us to pop over there for shorter visits. It’s nice to not feel the need to do a garden marathon to get the full value of the (not inexpensive) ticket price. Instead, as long as we make three trips a year, we will have gotten the value of our membership. In reality, we visit 10-12 times per year, so it’s very much worth it!

The tulip displays were absolutely stunning, and I was wowed by all of the different colors and varieties on display. I also appreciated the other spring offerings, including the beds that contained both early spring vegetables and flowers. I think edibles are just as beautiful as blooms, and I love that the Longwood gardeners are showcasing their attractiveness!

As always, we spent time in the whimsical children’s garden, which is Miss Thistle’s favorite spot. On this day, it was rather crowded. I had expected business to be slow, because it was a rainy weekday, but had completely forgotten about spring field trips. Kids everywhere! (Horror-face emoji). 

We also explored the Conservatory, which is my must-do activity during each visit. I love the warm, humid feel of the Conservatory, and the riot of color and scent throughout. My favorite sensation is being hit by the powerful, sweet scent of jasmine and grapefruit flowers. Love. I also enjoy the bonsai displays, especially those dating to the early 20th century. Bonsai is a true exercise in patience and dedication.

We drove home in the rain, which was beautiful and relaxing, especially when the two little ones decided to fall asleep at the same time. Thanks for a nice day, Longwood! We will see you again soon!

Have you ever visited Longwood? Do you have a favorite botanical garden?

With Peace,






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