June Beauty

Our June weather has been really beautiful, with the exception of a few strong storms, so it has been delightful to be outdoors! The other day, I took the Little Thistles to a cute, local petting zoo and playground, and then we walked to a nearby bakery and got two chocolate chip cookies: One for Miss Thistle, one for me. Little Thistle does not yet know the delight of a chocolate chip cookie!

The petting zoo was clean, and the animals were friendly. One of the mini-horses was labeled as a “biter,” but they had provided a little bucket for any pellets you wanted to share with him. He routinely tapped the bucket with his nose when anyone came near, making a big, noisy show, which made us laugh. Miss Thistle was particularly taken with the goat who lived on the second floor of the play area.

As we rambled around, I was struck by the beauty of the day and snapped a few pictures. Enjoy!

I should note that the camel is not from the petting zoo! Cute little fella’! It’s always fun to view animals, especially juxtaposed with our beautiful scenery. And, cookies are always a plus. Miss Thistle already wants to know … “When are we going back?”

With Peace,



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