We’re Eating … Brown-Butter Turnips and Greens


Who knew turnips were delicious? Okay, okay, I did, but seriously … so good.

This evening I pulled our first crop of turnips of the season, which I had grown from seed. These particular turnips are called “Mikado,” and they are beautiful, pearly-white globes with thick, green tops. I separated the greens from the turnips, and washed both.


Mikado turnips, fresh from the garden

Following this recipe, I prepared the turnips, tossing them with browned butter, and a bit of sugar, salt, and fresh thyme from the garden, before putting them on a sheet pan to roast at 400 degrees. The kitchen smelled insane at this point. I may or may not have licked the prep bowl. (Shrug).


Ah, yes … the old turnip tail trick … Alas, none of my intended victims wandered past.

Anything with brown butter is a major win in my book. Every time I prepare brown butter for a dish, I get all excited and usually take a swipe of it while it’s way too hot. This is a brand of impulsivity that I cannot control. Then I burn my tongue, but later conclude that it was totally worth it. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Anyway, while the turnips roasted, I rough-chopped the lovely greens and stems and sautéed those with some minced garlic and olive oil in my biggest cast iron skillet. I’m always amused at how much greens go together when you cook them. What was a huge mound of leafy goodness one minute becomes a very small pile of wilted (but delicious!) greens the next.

This dish was great, and I would make it again in a heartbeat. Mr. Thistle heartily approved, but Miss Thistle downed a roasted turnip with a gag. She preferred the tiny, raw turnip she had eaten before dinner. Critics … As for me, well, I felt that the greens and stems were perfectly sautéed, with a peppery bite, and the salty-sweet turnips on top were caramelized and delicious. I served the dish alongside some rather imaginative turkey meatballs made with this-and-that from the fridge (including a bit of oatmeal from breakfast, and two lone mushrooms – waste not!) as well as a cornbread dressing that I had whipped up with some leftover homemade cornbread from the previous evening. Both were also pretty awesome, if I say so myself. And, I must say so myself since it’s my blog, after all.

So … Turnips! Get some! Make them!

Do you dig (haha) turnips? What is your favorite way to prepare them?

With Peace,




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