The Eagle Has Landed

Actually … two of them have! We had a rare treat today, right in our own (almost) backyard. A pair of bald eagles decided to touch down and spend some time in our neighborhood this afternoon, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to see them. Although eagles are not uncommon in our area, we aren’t often treated to an up-close-and-personal look!

As I was on my way to retrieve Miss Thistle from school, I noticed that our next door neighbor, who had left his house just a moment before, had pulled to the side of the road and was excitedly flapping his hands around and searching for his camera. Then I saw another neighbor running across her front lawn with her phone … what was going on? Witnesses to a car accident? Stampede? Celebrity sighting? Clown convention? A quick look into the freshly-cut farm field in front of me yielded the answer: A majestic pair of eagles, looking just as majestic as you might imagine eagles should. Despite the fact that they were busily shredding up what appeared to be a bit of carrion, they appeared quite dignified, and maybe just a bit menacing. What I ascertained from viewing the eagles up close is that these creatures are massive. I was duly impressed by the sight and started fishing for my own photographic device in order to document this momentous occasion, since eagle-spotting is definitely one of those ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ deals.

I will confess that all of my shots were totally lame and mediocre, so here’s the best of the bunch. I didn’t want to sidle right up to my subjects, and there is only so much an iPhone can do at a distance. Excuses, excuses. It won’t be in National Geographic anytime soon, but I’m pleased to be able to prove that I saw what I saw!

(Eagle) |

Confirmed eagle sighting. Photograph? Check!

Throughout the afternoon, I continued to see the eagles soaring and gliding over the house. The day was hot and brilliant, with nary a cloud, so spotting my birds of interest was rather simple, not to mention exhilarating. I’m easy to please 🙂

In other avian news, our great horned owls have returned and keep me company all through the night, as I wake to care for Little Thistle during the wee hours. Their hooting is a welcome overnight soundtrack, and I look forward to it with relish. I feel deeply honored that the owls have chosen to nest on and around our property, and I listen for their territorial hooting at every chance I get.

I am equally honored by today’s eagle spotting. How fortunate am I that I got to see them on this beautiful late-summer afternoon?

Have you spotted any creatures of interest lately? I’d love to hear what you are seeing!

With Peace,



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