About Me

Well, hello there! The name’s Jennie.

Jennifer, really, but let’s just stick with Jennie … cool? Cool. I’m an early 30-something (gah!) girl with a potpourri of interests. I have a tendency to want to try everything, see everything, and do everything. I am a gatherer of information, and an extrovert, according to every personality test I’ve ever taken. The first part is true; the second part I question.

I like to sing in the car, work in my garden, read everything, write (obviously), and watch ridiculous cat videos on the Internet. Speaking of cat-animals, I have six of those. Yep.

I don’t have as many children as cats. There are two of those, and they are the sweetest creatures I know. (Also: exhausting).

I drive a little too fast. I love coffee. I also enjoy eating , and spend a lot of time thinking about, talking about, and eating food. Cooking, baking, and canning are my jam (ha). Ina Garten is my imaginary friend.

Sometimes I say things like ‘swag’ and ‘holla.’ (I know, I know …).

I like all music with the exception of “light jazz.” Honestly, it just makes me think of the dentist’s office. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I play the Celtic harp and diddle around on a mandolin.

I quote rap with regularity. (That’s a family trait).

I use parentheses a lot. (Bad habit). I also tend to “air quote,” alarmingly often which is really embarrassing and unacceptable.

I love to dance and have had 20+ years of dance lessons, from classical ballet to Irish to Middle Eastern. Though I’m not currently in lessons, I’d like to be. Get on that, Self.

I am passionate about the study of history; the application of zero-waste practices; organic, non-GMO, sustainable food; preserving our wild spaces, and so much more. I have been known to ‘soapbox’ ad nauseam.

I choose beach over mountains, chocolate over vanilla, and Hillary over The Donald.

I struggle with brevity. I love Charles Dickens. I think these two things may be correlated.

I like to be very organized, but I am also a piler. I am working against my very nature to avoid piling. It’s going well. I love to label and categorize. In that vein, I have more than 150 Pinterest boards. Truth.

I have lots of shoes, but go barefoot most of the time.

I like cheese.

Well, that pretty much sums things up! This could go on all day (see the note about brevity, above) so let’s end it here.

Tell me all about you! Leave a message in the comments, and let’s get to know one another.

With Peace,